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Open-source and code-quality

Over the past few months, at the Eclipse demo camp in Sofia first, I've been hearing about the Virgo server,
part of the EclipseRT project.
Although the main current usecase of Virgo is deploying and running JEE Web modules and Spring apps, in its core it is just an OSGi runtime. This means that it can be distributed without the Tomcat servlet container, and since it has the OSGi modularity, you can potentially create different 'servers' out of it to suit your needs,  provided you deploy the bundles you need for the job.
To be honest, I haven't given it a try yet. The reason I am writing this is that last night I took a quick glimpse of the source code of the kernel, and... Well, first-looks show the code is really high-quality. It leaves you with the impression that if you check it out, you can start working with it immediately, having little to no knowledge of the domain area. To a person with no knowledge in the product, stuff seems cleanly designed, hidden behind interfaces, documented, unit and integration tested, so forth. I don't think I encountered a class > 500 LOC, which was quite a pleasant surprise.
The only thing that really puzzled me and turned me off a bit :) "The use of the 'final' qualifier on method parameters and local variables is strongly discouraged. " (from the product's code convention) Ah well. Question of taste...
Anyways, at a first glimpse, at least the internal quality of this product seems to showcase what open-source can achieve. (Well, it's been open-source for some time now, the initial contribution was made by SpringSource, so kudos you guys).

You can take a look what is being planned for the product here. If you are interested to know about the Virgo community, or interested to become a contributer, check this out.

I'll take the time to take her for a spin as soon as I get some school work off my back this week...
With relation to one of my previous blogs (in Bulgarian), one should be able to use Virgo as a nice RAP runtime, if they deployed the RAP platform bundles on Virgo. No servlet bridge or stuff.

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  1. Thanks for those kind words. We added some words to explain our taste in respect of "final". See http://wiki.eclipse.org/Virgo/Committers#Final_parameters_and_local_variables.